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Fic: Finding Home Chapter Two

Title: Finding Home
Disclaimer: The norms
Rating: T
Story Synopsis: Tumblr Prompt: Would you ever write a story where Tim tries to run away with Haley's Circus? Tim doesn't try...Tim succeeds.
Previous Chapter

Mary’s eyes widen as she stares at her son flabbergasted. They’ve had long discussions about what to do with stray kids who up and decide to join the circus. She’s about two seconds away from reminding Dick of exactly what he’s supposed to say in these situations, but one glance at her son’s eyes and she knows that this case is different. Still, she can’t be party to keeping a child away from his parents…at least, not without a good reason. “Well, my little Robin, I assume you have an explanation.” She makes sure to keep her voice low, so she doesn’t startle the small child practically hiding behind her son.

Dick takes a deep breath. “He helped me wash Elinore. He’s really quiet, and a good helper, and I know you’ll just love him.” Mary gestures for her son to move it along in his explanation. She’s taught Dick enough to know that being a good helper isn’t a good enough reason to want to keep someone with them, so she knows that there’s more to the story. Dick doesn’t need too much encouragement, though. “His parents aren’t good, mom. He needs someone…he needs us. He can’t go back there. They don’t care about him. He doesn’t have anyone that cares about him, but I do.” Dick gathers the kid into a hug and glances up at his mother imploringly.

Mary gives a small brokenhearted sigh. She can’t imagine how this boy managed to attach himself to her son so easily…other than the fact that her little Robin has always had a heart of gold. “Dickie, don’t you think someone will notice if we just whisk him away?”

She doesn’t expect the child to suddenly push himself away from her son and shake his head vehemently. “They won’t notice, and, if they do, they won’t care…no one does. It’s okay, though. I understand you don’t want me, either. I didn’t expect you to, but I promise I can stay out of the way. You won’t even know I’m here…no one ever does.”

The way that the boy says that no one wants him or notices him, as if it doesn’t hurt him or even bother him in the slightest, because it’s what he’s come to expect, makes her heart clench. No child should be able to say with utter certainty that they’re unwanted, and anyone who can make a child feel that way certainly doesn’t deserve one. Suddenly, Mary completely understands what her son sees in this boy. She kneels down to his eye level and all but drags the child into an embrace.

The boy stiffens, but she catches the little amazed and lost expression on his face. It pains her to see a child so unused to physical affection. Mary can’t help but bury her face in the child’s soft hair. She already knows that they’re going to end up keeping this boy, because her little Robin is right. There’s no way they can send him back to such a loveless environment, and she’s certain that John will agree with her once she explains everything. “So, what’s my new son’s name?”

The boy glances up at her in astonishment. “You…you’re going to let me stay? You…you want me?”

Mary has to bite her lip to keep the pained noise that wants to escape to herself as she clutches him tighter. His voice is so small and so bewildered at the very idea that he’s wanted that she couldn’t let him go if she wanted to. “Yes, we want you. You’re ours now, okay? So, what’s my new son’s name?”

The boy is too busy trying to hide his tears in her shirt. Dick, on the other hand, leaps forward and wraps his tiny arms around them both. “Tim…my little brother’s name is Tim, but I call him Timmy.”

Mary smiles as she kisses the top of both of her boys’ heads. “Timmy is a nice nickname, but with how red he’s getting I’m thinking Cardinal might be a bit more fitting, huh, my little Robin?”

Dick giggles as he presses a kiss to Tim’s cheek. “Yes, definitely! He’s our little Cardinal and one day he’s gonna fly with us.” Mary can tell that her little Robin is making plans, but she already knows that she’ll end up agreeing with him. After all, they’re a family act for a reason.

The End