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Fic: Modifying Batman

Title: Modifying Batman
Disclaimer: The norms
Rating: T
Story Synopsis: Tumblr Prompt: Would you ever write a story about Cassandra Cain becoming Batman with her brothers supporting her?

Tim gives Cass a long once-over, circling around her slowly. “I like the look, I do, but I think your old Batgirl cowl would look far better than this current variation of Bruce’s cowl.”

Jason hums in agreement as he inspects her cape. “Baby-bird is right. Your old cowl would be far more intimidating, and you wouldn’t even have ta knock an asshole out before the thugs of Gotham start taking you seriously. By the way, I like what you’ve done with the cape.”

Dick nods in approval of her weighted boots. “I agree, too, but then we might confuse people. Cass isn’t going back to being Batgirl. She is Batman now.”

Damian glares at her utility belt. “She should be carrying more weapons.”

Cass shakes her head. The belt is heavy enough without Damian adding more to it…for the sixth time. “Don’t need them.”

Damian scoffs. “Of course, you don’t need them. However, anyone foolish enough to attempt to take your belt doesn’t know that.”

Tim inspects the belt more closely. “If you add anything else to the belt, we’re gonna have to redesign it again. However, her boots could carry a few more things.” Cass gives him a pointed look, and Tim merely shrugs. “You know, Damian isn’t going to let this go. It’s a compromise that would work for both of you. A bigger belt would impede some of your movements, but the boots won’t.”

Cass stares at Damian waiting for a protest that she knows is mostly reflex at this point. He nods and then Cass hands the boots over to him to make the necessary modifications. She’s looking forward to patrolling with all of them again once the suit is finished. Cass grins as Jason, Tim, and Dick start to bicker over the design of her Bat symbol, but she already knows that that is the one thing that will stay the same as the original…no matter what her brothers’ opinions are.

She smiles as she watches all of them work, knowing that Bruce would be proud of all of them in this moment. After all, his absence from the mantle has already gone better this time. Unlike last time, the whole family is still together and actually getting along. Perhaps, she should have done this sooner.

The End