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Sweet Times

Okay, so I saw How to Train Your Dragon today with my siblings. It was awesome, and I don't mean awesome for a kids' movie. I mean awesome for any movie. I really have no complaints here---well, minus the dragon at the end. It was weird looking, but still the movie itself was great, and I definitely commend them for using certain bold choices in a kids' movie.

The truly awesome part, however, was the fact that I was in a theater full of children, but not a single thing happened. No whining, no crying, no random chatter. I was fully expecting to have some kids doing something annoying, but I was pleasantly surprised. It was one of the best movie experiences I've had in awhile, which was pretty cool. I congratulate every parent there, or maybe the movie was just that enticing that the children couldn't help but be completely engrossed in it. I know I was.