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It's a small irritation

Okay, I'm feeling a bit irked about a comment I read earlier today. The comment: "With all respect to the Haven's younger residents, 21 year olds think that they're invincible. They're wrong."

I don't agree with this statement. Are there 21 year olds out there who think like that? Sure, but do we all? No, and I think I'm even more irked by the 'With all respect to...' part. You took the time to think about the fact that what you were about to say was going to offend people, but you didn't edit it to make it a little less encompassing of a whole group. I seriously wouldn't have such a problem with that little moment had the word some been thrown in there. 'Some 21 year olds...blah, blah, blah...' Yeah, that  wouldn't have annoyed me nearly as much.

And okay, so maybe I'm nitpicking the English language now, but really...I just don't appreciate being thrown in with the lot of them. I feel I'm well aware where my limitations lie, and I'm fairly certain that I've learned that what can go wrong usually will. I don't expect anything to work out as planned, and I plan for that too. I think that just because some people don't plan well doesn't mean the rest of us should be seen as immature and annoying.

Also, I'm fully aware that the person's intent was not to offend anyone. She was just venting about her own issues at the moment...thus why I'm venting here instead of elsewhere.