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So, my brother and I painted the bathroom and his room. His room was a pain, because we had to pull the furniture away from one wall, paint the wall, and then move it all back, and my older sister refused to help. Fun times, but it's down now. The bathroom is "Jolly Yellow" and my brother's room is "Butterscotch."

Originally, my brother's room was going to be the Jolly color, but we thought we needed two buckets of paint, and the woman who mixed the paint didn't do it right, so we just painted the bathroom that color, and chose a new color for his room. We also put up new metal fixtures in the bathroom, painted the trim white after my brother got paint on the already white trim, and decided to just paint it the Butterscotch color--which was too close to the color of the bathroom wall--and we got him new plate covers for his outlets. I think both of the rooms look nice. Now, on to getting trim for his room, and maybe mine. I hate putting up trim.