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Fic: Assassin-Trained Robins Chapter 2

Title: Assassin-Trained Robins
Author: Brokaw22
Disclaimer: The norms
Rating: T
Story Synopsis: Jason finds Damian in his territory.
Thanks to Kathy for beta work.
Previous Chapter: Chapter One
Next Chapter: Chapter Three


The second time Jason sees Damian that night, he seriously considers just knocking the kid out and dumping him on a nondescript rooftop for Dickie-bird to pick up. He's getting a little annoyed with having a tail. Not to mention how much harder it's making it for Jason to follow his mark. He really doesn't have time for this tonight. Among other things, there's a meth lab on the east side that's been using kids to sell their product, and he's been planning to blow it up for a while now. He doesn't want to waste time having another conversation with the baby assassin, especially since the last lecture hasn't seemed to damper the kid's search for him any. Jason sighs to himself and drops down onto the fire escape the kid is standing under. “Didn't I tell you to go home?”


Damian snarls at him as he pulls out a throwing knife from his belt. “I don't take orders from you.”


“Look, kid, I don't have time for this shit tonight. Get the hell out of my section of Gotham now, and maybe I won't tell Grayson where you've been tonight.” Jason is keeping an eye on that knife, but he really doesn't feel like getting into another fight with this child. He really does have better things to do.


“No.” Damian throws the knife.


Jason jumps down from the fire escape, sweeps the kid's feet out from underneath him, and pins him to the dirty ground. “I wasn't lying when I said I have shit to do. I'm not babysitting tonight, so go home. The next time I find you following me I'm going to shoot you.” He's off the kid, and on the roof of one of the nearby buildings before Damian leaves the alley. He's lost his target, and now Jason is just pissed. He has to decide whether he wants to just move on or waste who knows how long trying to find the guy again.


Jason grunts and decides to head east...some fireworks should make him feel better, after all. When he gets to the meth lab, Jason is still livid about losing his target. The weeks of work he's done for that particular case have gone to waste--all because the new little Robin couldn't take a hint--and it infuriates him. Jason sets the charges, and makes sure there aren't any of the aforementioned kids hanging around. It's not until his second perimeter check that he notices the stupid yellow of the cape. Jason doesn't care...he really freakin' doesn't, so he gets far enough away, and then blows the place up. If the kid is stupid enough to stick around after Jason had blatantly told him to go home, then that's his problem.


Jason still has better things to do than deal with some 'out to prove himself' child, so he heads in the direction of his next objective. This one won't be as much fun. He's just meeting one of his contacts for some more information about the potential new players in Gotham, and there are always potentially new players. He meets with his contact, and manages to get through the whole boring interaction without seeing anymore flashes of yellow, red, or green. Jason is honestly starting to wonder if the kid went home, or, better yet, had been caught in the explosion.


He's starting to think that he might actually get to accomplish everything else on his agenda for tonight, when a batarang goes flying past his head. Jason is seriously considering gutting the kid slowly, and using his small intestine as a noose. He spins around to see the kid holding a sword. Jason would laugh if he wasn't so annoyed. “You just don't give up, do you, kid?” Damian snarls at him again, but doesn't say anything. Jason rolls his eyes behind his mask at the typical Bruce-like behavior. “Look, I get it. I do, but I also don't care. You're pissed because I bested you...twice now, and your little assassin training has conditioned you into believing that that can't be allowed. But here's the deal. I don't have the time or the patience to deal with you tonight, so this is your last freebee. Go home, or I start shooting.”


The kid turns feral, and rushes him. Jason really wants to put one of his boots through the kid's face, but simply flips over him instead, as he pulls out both of his guns. He's done playing nice, but he really thinks a bullet is far too kind for this kid. Damian has screwed up his night enough, and he deserves the pain, but Jason wishes the kid was older so he didn't feel so creepy about beating a kid to within an inch of his life. He shoots, aiming for glancing blows, just to anger the kid. The pain alone is enough to piss off most assassins, but Jason knows from experience how infuriating it is to know that your opponent is just playing with you. The kid clearly doesn't expect the bullet to go through the kevlar, if his hiss of pain is anything to go by, and Jason just keeps shooting.


Damian is good at deflecting the shots with his sword, but Jason trained long and hard to be the best at what he does...even if that is just screwing with the rest of the Bats most nights, so it's no surprise when he manages to hit Damian's right shoulder, left leg, right side below his fourth rib, left forearm, and just above his right ear. That last one gets him quite an impressive growl, which makes Jason want to laugh his head off.


Damian glares at him, and looks like he really wants to cover his grazed ear. “I'm going to kill you.”


This time, Jason does laugh. “Don't you know good little Robins don't kill? Now, go home, or I'll stop aiming for glancing blows, and shoot you right between the eyes.”


The kid grits his teeth and starts using the sword for more than just deflecting the bullets. Jason has to duck and flip out of the way of a few strikes. He's almost impressed with the kid's form. It's obvious that he learned from his mother, but it's nothing Jason isn't used to. He almost misses screwing with Drake just because it happens to be more entertaining than this. Damian is all snarling anger, which is actually just making him sloppy...at least far more-so than Jason would have expected from an al Ghul. It's making him wonder if maybe Damian chose this fucked-up family because he knew he'd never match up to the al Ghul expectations. It makes sense from a certain perspective. After all, Jason himself is well versed in choosing the thing that's going to irritate the people he can't please the most; because if you're going for disappointment, then you might as well do it right and go all the way.


He growls when the kid manages to clip him on the arm with a strike he should have seen coming. “You know, you're really starting to become a major nuisance.”


Damian smirks at him with an expression he definitely learned from Grayson, because that particular smirk is all Robin. “Good.”


Jason wants to groan, but he's too busy dodging the explosive pellets the kid throws at him. He's beyond annoyed now, and has wasted enough time. Jason aims for the kid's right leg, and shoots. He was hoping to avoid this just so he wouldn't have to deal with Dickie-bird later, but there's no one who can tell him that he didn't give the kid enough warnings, not to mention chances, to go the hell away. Damian crumbles to the ground, clutching his leg, but not before throwing the damn sword at Jason. Jason spins out the way, and then turns his attention back to the kid. “That shot wasn't aimed to shatter bone, just so you know, so you should recover...that is if you don't bleed to death. I think we can both agree that I've been extremely nice to you tonight, so next time when I tell you to go home, go home.” Before Damian can respond, Jason heads out of the alley. “Oh, and I'd call Grayson if I was you...you know, before you pass out.” He smirks to himself at the sound of Damian's curses, and saunters out onto the street. Jason has work to do, which should be a lot easier now.


The End