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Fic: A Displaced Red Robin Chapter 4

Title: A Displaced Red Robin
Author: Brokaw22
Disclaimer: The norms
Rating: T
Story Synopsis: Tim gets transported to the cartoon Young Justice world, and he's not sure he knows how to deal with it.
Thanks to Kathy for beta work.

Previous Chapters: Chapter One Chapter Two Chapter Three


It didn't take him long to track Bruce's and Dick's movement through the media. There had been a lot of articles lately focusing on their most recent vacation to some unknown island, which was no doubt their cover story while Batman and Robin paid a visit to the Cushko family to convince them that maybe Gotham wasn't the best place to set up shop. However, tracking Bruce and Dick through the Ukraine was a little more difficult. Tim doesn't know why he thought that this Bruce would organize his files the same way his own Bruce did, especially since Tim was the one who reorganized everything on the crays back home to make it as efficient as it is. But, he's starting to realize that a younger Bruce just means that the files are even more awkwardly placed, and it isn't helping matters. Sure, for normal people the system is excessively organized, but for Tim, it's no different than looking at a computer with no folders and files strewn about everywhere on the desktop.


He's getting increasingly more agitated the more dead ends he finds. It makes Tim glare at the screen in front of him, but he resists the urge to put his fist through it. After all, it wouldn't be helpful to lecture Superboy about his barely concealed rage if Tim is going to act out in the same manner. He thinks he's finally found a solid lead, when Red Arrow burst through the door with an arrow already poised. “I think we've given you enough time alone in here.”


Tim sighs, but slides away from the keyboard with his hands up. He still doesn't have adequate files on this Roy Harper, and well, he'd rather not get shot with an arrow just to find out how 'trigger happy' this Roy is...especially at this age. “I think I've found something. I know the name of the crime family Batman and Robin were following, I know where their territory reaches, and I know that Batman and Robin went to the Ukraine. I just need to track down where Batman and Robin started disrupting the crime family's work, which means reading through dozens of Ukrainian newspaper articles, and unfortunately, it's taking longer than I anticipated to translate the articles.”


Roy stares at him for a moment, with his arrow still trained on Red Robin. “And it's taking so long, because you're having trouble translating Ukrainian, or...” Roy trails off when he sees Red Robin shaking his head.


“No, because I'm having trouble finding the relevant articles, because Batman doesn't know how to file things properly yet.”


Roy lowers the bow at that, and clearly raises an eyebrow behind his mask. “Did you just call Batman disorganized?”


Tim shakes his head again. “He's not by your standards, but his filing system isn't what I'm used to.”


“Okay, and I'm supposed to ignore the fact that you apparently know Ukrainian, because...?”


Tim sighs again. “First, if it's okay with you, I'm going to get back to translating those articles.” At Roy's nod, Tim slides back in front of the keyboard, and resumes working. “Second, if your Robin is anything like his counterpart on my world, the number of languages he knows is only marginally fewer than the ones I know, due to his age.”


Roy steps behind him to read over his shoulder. “Okay, so I have a question. If you're tracking their movements through the papers why do you need the files on the Bat computer--or whatever those two call it?”


“Well, I'm sure you're well aware how often the news gets it wrong, so I'm double checking what information I've been able to gather from the news media against the information that Batman updated to his own systems. Unfortunately, finding that information is taking far too long for my liking.”


Roy folds his arms over his chest while he glares at the screen in front of him. “I'm starting to see why the others trust you so much, but don't think you're off the hook yet. You still have to find them, and prove you had nothing to do with this in the first place.”


Tim smirks to himself as he continues searching for the files he needs. “It's good to know that you're so protective of them. I'm sure that they feel the same way about you.” Tim knows that he's not being nearly as subtle as he normally is, but he's finding it a little difficult to translate, find Bruce's notes, and try to keep this Roy from going down the same path as the Roy on his world did all at the same time.


Roy scoffs at that. “Yeah, right. What would you know? You're just some freaky kid from an alternate world, right? So, mind your own business.”


Tim shrugs and gets back to work. He's not really sure why this Roy is so uptight all of the time, but he's starting to think maybe he should convince him to spend more time with Superboy. Maybe the two of them could find a nice quiet place where they can be angry together, because Tim doesn't know how to deal with both of them staring at him like they want to punch him to death. Tim is honestly starting to wonder if he should be worried about the anger management problems this team seems to have.


After another thirty minutes of searching and translating, Tim finally thinks he has an idea on Batman's and Robin's whereabouts. He shows Roy a map of the Ukraine, and points to a spot close to the border with Poland. “That's mostly likely their last location. From what I've learned, Batman and Robin managed to disrupt a lot of the Cushko family's business. I don't know if the two of them accomplished their goal of keeping them out of Gotham, but they did put away some of their heavy hitters. Unfortunately, you'll have to go there, and see what you can find. That's the best that I can do without any foot work.”


Roy glances from the map to Red Robin, and then back to the map. “And what makes you think that you're not coming with us?”


Tim shrugs. “Well, it's not like I've been allowed to leave your lovely headquarters before.”


Roy glares at him. “This isn't my HQ and they aren't my team, got that?” At Tim's nod, Roy continues. “Anyway, you're coming, just in case this is a trap.”


Tim doesn't know if he should be happy that Roy is thinking like a bat or concerned. Either way, he gets up and heads for the door. “Works for me.”


The two of them walk out into the main room, and they both stop dead. Tim has a funny feeling that he knows exactly what is going on, but from the look on Roy's face, the poor guy doesn't have a clue. He jumps away from Tim, and pulls an arrow. “Okay, what the hell is going on here?”


Before Tim gets a chance to speak, Batman raises a hand to call off Roy. “You did well, Red Robin.”


Tim stares at him blankly. He should have known what this was really all about from the moment he hacked the Batcave computers. “I take it this was all just a test.”


Batman nods at him curtly. “You passed.”


Tim glances over at Roy, who looks about as angry as Tim was the first time that his Batman pulled a stunt like this. “Still think that I had something to do with this, Red Arrow?”


Roy's entire face is red, but whether it's from embarrassment or anger, Tim has no idea. “No, I guess not. By the way, Batman, I'm not a sidekick anymore, and I don't appreciate wasting my time with your little tests. Next time you have something planned, get one of your other lackeys to help out.” Before anyone can say anything Red Arrow leaves.


“Wait, I don't understand. Where is Robin?” Tim hadn't even noticed M'gann on the other side of the room. He was too busy berating himself for not seeing this for what it really was.


Batman glances at her. “At home...where he should be.”


Tim really should have checked the manor's security, but he didn't want to alert Alfred that someone was hacking the batcave systems. “I take it you gathered whatever information you wanted from watching me work.”


Batman grunts at him. “I did, and I've made a decision.”


Tim's eyes widen at that. He didn't think that there was any other motive behind this little test beyond Batman learning what exactly Tim is capable of as far as his detective skills are concerned. “And what's that?”

Batman folds his arms over his chest and lets his cape hang in front of him. “You will be training this team from now on. You're clearly more advanced than even Robin.”


Tim stares at him perplexedly. “Well, yeah, but that's just because Robin is so young.”


Batman doesn't say anything else before turning to walk away.


Tim races after him. “Wait, this is just temporary, right? You're still trying to find a way to get me back home, right?” Batman doesn't answer him, not that Tim was really expecting him to, but he still needs some kind of answer. “Wait, you have to tell me that you're still looking for a way to send me home. You can't just keep me here. I have a family, and friends, and a life.”


Batman still doesn't turn around or answer him. Before Tim can say anything else, Batman is gone. Tim's knees buckle underneath him. “I have to go home.”


M'gann kneels down beside him, and places a hand on his shoulder. “I'm sure he's trying. It's probably just going to take some time, but at least now you have a purpose while you're here.”


Tim stares down at his hands. “Yeah, I guess. Thanks, by the way.”


M'gann smiles at him shyly. “That's what friends are for.”


The End (for now)


Jul. 17th, 2011 02:51 pm (UTC)

Thanks for commenting. Personally, I think it's universal that all Batmans have issues communicating. And well, as for the rest I do have a huge plan for this story. Anyway, thanks for reading.