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Fic: Drugged Out Tim Chapter 2

Title: Drugged Out Tim
Author: Brokaw22
Disclaimer: The norms
Rating: T
Story Synopsis: While on patrol, Tim gets sprayed with an unknown substance, which makes him highly unpredictable.
Thanks to Kathy for beta work.

Previous Chapter: Chapter One

Next Chapter: Chapter Three

Jason shoved his hands deeper into the pockets of his leather jacket as he huffed out a breath. It was cold enough that he could see his breath, and he was getting sick of waiting. Hell, he didn't even know why he was here. Surely, the Alfred threat wasn't so dire that he couldn't deal with it, and yet, here he was freezing his butt off for the replacement. Sometimes his life made no sense...even to him. Jason was just about to turn and leave when he heard the scuff of boots behind him. “You're late.”

Nightwing stepped out of the shadows fully. “Sorry, had to stop a few muggings along the way. Did you leave the guns at home?”

Jason was actually surprised and annoyed that it was the first question out of Dickie-bird's mouth. “No, why the hell would I?”

Dick folded his arms over his chest, and tried to look as imposing as possible. “I'm not working with you unless you lose the guns.”

Jason honestly couldn't believe this bullshit. “Look, idiot, you're the one with the brat to find...not me, so shove it. I've been down right pleasant up until this point, so fuck off.”

Dick glared at him menacingly. “You're going to help me find Tim, since you're the one who let him escape while he was under the influence of an unknown substance.”

Jason balled his hands into fists. “Oh, right, 'cause it's my fault that he stabbed me in the neck.”

“It's your fault for not following protocol. If you knew he had been exposed to something, you should have sedated him and worked from there.”

“I told you that I didn't fucking know if sedating him was the best option.” Jason growled out. “He was crying, and it didn't look like any reaction to any of chemicals that we know of.”

Dick stared at him blankly for a few moments, but Jason could see when his facial expression softened, before Dick visibly steeled himself again. “None of that's the point, Jason. I won't work with you as long as you're carrying those.” He gestured to Jason's guns. “So, lose them.”

Jason growled as he tore one of his guns from the holster. All he really wanted to do was punch Dick until he was bleeding. “I'm doing you a fucking favor, Dickie. The least you can do is...”

“Now, Jason.”

Jason rolled his eyes as he tossed the guns away. It was just easier than listening to Dick whine all night. “Just remember, Dickie-bird. There are other ways to kill people.”

“I know.” Dick visibly checked him for more guns, and once he was satisfied that there weren't any, he continued. “Now, what do we have to go on?”

Jason tampered down on his anger enough to answer Dick's question. “Not a lot. There wasn't any sign of him after he left my apartment. I asked a few of my contacts along the way here if they'd seen Red Robin tonight, but so far there's been nothing. Did you check his tracers?”

Dick nodded once. “Yeah, I've got multiple hits scattered around the city, and in no logical order that I can decipher.”

Jason sighed as he rolled his eyes. Why couldn't anything be easy? “So, we've got nothing--absolutely nothing--to go on.”

Dick shrugged and handed him a palm computer. “It's set to follow the tracers. Maybe we can at least find the direction he was heading, based off of where they are.”

Jason glared at the screen intently. This was not how he wanted to spend his night. “Tell you what, you stick with that, and I'll do this my way.”

Dick glared at him from behind the mask. “Is that Jason speak for going to a bar?”

Jason handed him back the palm computer. “Hey, I get plenty of intel from bars.”

Dick rolled his eyes at him. “Yeah, I'm sure.”

Jason sighed. Clearly, he wasn't getting out of this so easily. Not that he really expected to. “Fine, can you at least give me places around the city that he likes to frequent?”

“Well, dressed as Red Robin, pretty much the worse the place, the better; but that's standard for all of us.”

“Great, I'll check the seedier neighborhoods while you hit the places he likes to go out of costume. Call if you find anything.” Jason didn't give Dick a chance to argue before he shot off a line.

It was going to be a long night. Jason knew that, but at least he'd be able to kick some faces in along the way. It was probably the only upside to this whole ordeal. He was just getting done with some lowlife gang banger when he started hearing whimpers. He looked around to check if someone was still awake, but all of the guys he took down were out for the count--and still breathing just to make Dickie-bird happy. Jason pulled one of his knives from the leg of a guy whom he had just taken out, when he realized that the whimpering cries were coming from above him. He scaled the fire escape, and made his way to the roof.

“Shit.” He breathed out in a harsh whisper. He found Red Robin curled on his side, shaking, and half out of his mind. There was sweat dripping down his face, and his entire body was convulsing. “Hey, kid, it's me. Try not to stab me this time, eh?” Tim wasn't responsive, and it was clear that he'd been out in the cold too long. Who knew how long he'd been curled up on this rooftop? Jason tried to get Tim to look at him...to focus even a little, but nothing worked. It was as if he didn't even register that Jason was there. This time Jason didn't worry about whatever the sedative might do to him. Instead, he just gassed the kid, and called Dick.

“I found him, but you're not going to like the state that he's in.”

“Meet me at the cave,” was all that Dick said before cutting the connection.

Jason sighed to himself as he hauled Tim into his arms. “You are so not worth it, just so you know.” He took off in the direction of the cave, not revelling in the idea of carrying him all the way back to cave. “Yeah, so not worth it.”

The End (for now)