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Fic: Snapped Wire

Title: Snapped Wire
Author: Brokaw22
Disclaimer: The norms
Rating: T
Story Synopsis: That wire wasn't supposed to snap. There was no reason for it to snap. He checked it twice to make sure that it was secure and in good condition.
Thanks to Kathy for the beta work.

There's blood on the ground. He's not sure whose blood it is, but damn if there isn't a lot of it. He moves to take a step, and realizes that his leg hurts...a lot. He looks down, and suddenly he knows where all of the blood is coming from. Before he can even call out for help, he's down on the ground clutching his leg. If he can stop the bleeding, then...well, he knows that it's irrelevant, because he's going to pass out.

It wasn't supposed to be this way. That wire wasn't supposed to snap. There was no reason for it to snap. He checked it twice to make sure that it was secure and in good condition. He knows something went wrong...something horrible...something that he should have been able to prevent...something that...he can't think anymore...can't form whole sentences. His eyes are falling shut. He's cold...so cold. He isn't sure that he'll ever be warm again. Maybe if he sleeps--and sleep seems like such a good idea--except that he knows that it's not. Something is telling him that it's not. He needs to stay awake. He just doesn't know why anymore.


Nightwing runs, leaps, and swings as fast as he can. He's closing in on Robin's last known location, just not fast enough for Dick's liking. When he touches down, there's a pool of blood--and smears leading further into the alley. Dick has no idea what happened. All he knows is that they lost contact with Tim too long ago for this to end well. The panic sets in, and he realizes that he doesn't even know why Tim was in this part of the city. It's not Tim's normal patrol route, and the sinking feeling in Dick's stomach is getting worse. There are two long pieces of heavy duty wire laying on the ground, where most of the blood is originating from. Dick can tell that the two pieces used to be one. It looks like the wire was cut...not broken, but it doesn't look as though it was cut by any knife Dick knows of. The worry is starting to feel like a solid mass within Dick. He follows the blood trail, hoping that the reason he doesn't hear anything coming from that direction isn't want he thinks.

Dick stumbles when he sees Tim lying in a crumpled heap on the ground. The kid looks like he's been attacked by some animal. His clothes are torn to shreds, and there's so much blood. Dick can't even tell where all of it's coming from. He crouches beside Tim's prone body, and searches for a pulse, not sure if he's more relieved or amazed when he finds one. He carefully picks up his little brother's too-light form and carries him. He knows that he needs to get Tim to safety, but he's not sure how much jostling the kid can take right now.

He whispers apologies and reassurances as he cradles Tim's broken body close to him, and takes flight. Dick knows that the rooftop express is probably the worst thing for Tim right now, but he doesn't have a lot of options. Sure, Dick could call one of the many cars, but it's too risky if whomever or whatever did this to Tim is still around somewhere. He forces himself to move a few blocks away before stopping on a rooftop, calling a car, and dressing Tim's injuries. The field first-aid kit isn't good enough for this, and Dick curses himself for not remembering to restock it before leaving tonight.

Between cleaning the various wounds and berating himself for his stupidity, Dick tries not to think about how much of his little brother's blood is on his hands--or the fact that Tim hasn't made a sound. He finds himself constantly checking Tim's pulse just to reaffirm that he's still alive. Dick breathes a small sigh of relief when the car finally arrives, and then he just stares ruefully at the ground. He doesn't want to jostle Tim around anymore, and no matter how he leaps off the building he has no doubt that he's going to do just that.

Dick grits his teeth, and holds Tim tightly before making his way to the ground. It takes far too long for his liking, but now that Tim is lying in the back of the car, Dick feels at least mildly better. He doesn't realize that his hands are shaking until he goes to open the driver's side door, and it takes Dick a few moments to get himself under control. He has no illusions that his driving is, by any definition, safe. After all, speed limits always were for other people, but more-so now than ever.

When he arrives at the cave, Dick is still in the process of trying to calm himself. He carries Tim over to one of the med tables and then gets to work on trying to clean him up, while Alfred sets the IV bags up. There's so much blood, and it seems that the more he wipes away, the more there is. Dick starts stitching the still bleeding wounds on Tim's torso and leg, and then moves onto bandaging the rest with Alfred's help. Dick has no idea how much blood Tim has lost, but from the look of it, his little brother is lucky to still be alive. Alfred takes care of dealing with the blood transfusion, while Dick finishes dressing the rest of Tim's wounds. It's a long process, given how many injuries Tim sustained before Dick managed to get to his position.

Dick knows that he shouldn't blame himself for his little brother's current state. He's well aware that there was nothing that he could do--no way he could have gotten there faster--but he berates himself for it anyway. It always hurts worse to know that there's nothing he could have done--nothing he could have changed to make it better--especially since Dick still has no idea what happened to Tim. He's torn between staying here and watching over his little brother, and returning to the scene to figure out what the hell happened. Dick knows what Bruce would do. Hell, for Bruce it wouldn't have even been a debate. He'd already be at the scene, but Dick isn't Bruce. He never has been, and he never will be. So, this is one decision that he has to make on his own.

Dick leans down and brushes Tim's dark hair off of his forehead. “I'll be back, little brother. I promise.” He squeezes Tim's hand once before leaving.

The End (for now)


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Oct. 12th, 2011 03:30 pm (UTC)
Thank you so much! Um, as far as happy endings go, you'll find out.
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