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Fic: Trapped Chapter 6

Title: Trapped
Author: Brokaw22
Disclaimer: The norms
Rating: T
Story Synopsis: He can't speak, can't call out--can't even move. He tries anyway; it doesn't work.
Thanks to Kathy for beta work.
Previous Chapters: Chapter one  Chapter Two Chapter Three Chapter Four Chapter Five

Jason just wants out of this damn helicopter and now. He doesn't care that Dick doesn't seem upset with his involvement in Ra's death. He still doesn't want to spend anymore time around Talia and her minions than necessary, and this flight has lasted for far too many hours for Jason's liking. Especially since, the moment that they were out of Gotham airspace, two more helicopters began accompanying them. He really hates Talia's ability to make him feel surrounded, and he likes it even less when he's a couple thousand feet in the air.

Jason glances over to where Dick has his hand wrapped around Tim's. He still feels rather guilty that he never really did get a chance to tell Tim more about all of this. He knows that the poor guy has to be freaking out right now. After all, he knows that Tim is probably picking up on how tense Dick is, not to mention how much anger Jason is currently dealing with. He wants to shove it all down for Tim, and try to pretend as though he isn't two seconds away from attempting to knock out all of Talia's teeth, but the woman's very presence puts him on edge to the point where pretending his fury isn't there isn't an option.

Instead, Jason glares out the window and tries to count down the minutes until they land. He doesn't know the exact location of where they're heading, but he knows enough about flight patterns, helicopter fuel tanks, and Talia to know that they're close. Clearly, though, not close enough as he hears an explosion go off somewhere behind him and watches as one of the accompanying helicopters goes down. Jason knew better than to expect things to go smoothly, but he's not sure how he's supposed to deal with this. He turns to glare at Talia. “What the hell was that?”

Talia ignores him as she leans over her pilot to grab a headset. She's talking furiously in some language Jason doesn't recognize. He glances over to see Dick trying to calm Tim, but really, what the hell is he supposed to say to make this situation seem better? Jason busies himself with making sure all of Tim's machines are still working properly, while Talia continues what sounds like an extremely vicious verbal assault on whoever is on the other line. She suddenly throws off the headset and spins around to face them. “It seems we have some unwanted company. Jason, you'll find some useful items under your seat. Richard, I suggest you start prepping Timothy for a jump.”

The sound of guns and explosions surrounds them, so Jason doesn't hesitate to reach under his seat to find a case with a bazooka in it, and well...he can certainly work with that. Dick, on the other hand, tries to tell Tim that it's going to be alright while he attempts to find the best place for the portable respirator. Jason sighs as he moves toward the helicopter door and positions the bazooka on his shoulder. “That's not going to work.”

Dick looks about two seconds away from a complete meltdown, and really Jason doesn't have the time or energy to deal with that right now. So, he steadies the bazooka, and aims at the helicopter trying to shoot them down. “What the hell do you want me to do?” Dick's frustration is unmistakable.

Talia stares at them both, disgust evident in her eyes as she moves off toward more weapons. “Disconnect it.”

Dick's eyes widen at that. “He'll die!”

Talia rolls her eyes as she assembles her AK-47. “And the Lazarus Pit will remedy that.”

Dick side-eyes her, before turning his attention to Jason, who really doesn't like that particular expression, because he knows what Dick is about to ask him, and Jason doesn't have an answer for him. “What am I supposed to do?”

Jason doesn't have a single clue. All he knows is that they better make a decision and soon, because there's no way that this 'copter is going to be able to take too many more hits, and they're already losing altitude. Jason switches the bazooka for another AK-47, and starts firing. He's bought himself a couple of seconds, but Jason knows what needs to be done; so he closes his eyes, and nods once to Dick. He promises that he'll make this up to Tim...no matter what. “Do it.”

Dick leans down and hugs Tim as hard as he can while he whispers to him. “I'm sorry, Timmy. It's going to be okay. I swear it's going to be okay. We're going to bring you back. It's going to be okay.” Dick is sobbing as he moves to disconnect the machines from Tim, and Jason can't help but feel his own eyes prickle with tears. This isn't how this was supposed to go. Tim was never supposed to stop breathing, and as Jason shuts his eyes more tightly against the sounds of Tim trying to breath on his own and failing, he promises himself that they will all get through this. He just doesn't know how yet.

Jason knows that Tim has to be hurting, and that he has to be so fucking scared right now. He doesn't even know if Tim knows how they're going to bring him back...if he remembers or understands how the Lazarus Pit works, and he's so fucking sorry he never got the chance to tell him. He doesn't want Tim to have to relive this moment...this final one, because that's the worst part of the Lazarus Pit. It makes you relive every little excruciating detail of how you died, and now Tim is going to have to go through this twice. Jason tries to block out the sound of Tim dying, probably thinking that the only people he knows--the only members of his family he knows--are betraying him right now. Jason can't tell him that it isn't like that, because he's too busy trying to keep his own airway from closing up.

Talia sneers at both of them, and gestures for them to get their parachutes on. “He'll be fine once we get him to the pit. This helicopter is going down. I suggest we leave.”

Dick's still sobbing as he cradles Tim's limp form to his chest, and Jason has to practically shove Dick's arms through the arm straps of his parachute, prying each hand off of Tim one at a time as they get ready to jump out of the rapidly descending helicopter. Jason doesn't know if he should trust Dick to navigate down to land on his own right now, but it's not as though he has any other options. So, he grabs a hold of Dick's shoulder, gripping tightly, and leads him toward the door. “We will get through this.”

Dick doesn't look convinced, but as he glances down at Tim's head, Jason can see the small flash of resilience pass over his face. Jason wouldn't normally let that stand. Usually, he would poke and prod until he saw that Dick was ready to take on the world, but right now that small bit of conviction is going to have to be enough, because they don't have time for more.

Dick and Jason wait for Talia to jump, and then they both follow suit. Jason makes Dick go first, that way he can keep an eye on him. He still doesn't know where the hell they are or who the hell is attacking them, but he figures he has more important things to worry about, such as not getting snagged in a tree or shot out of the sky. Jason lands without incident, which he guesses is something, at least. Dick is only a few yards away from him, untangling himself from his parachute. Once they both discard their 'chutes, Jason turns to find Talia, and doesn't see her anywhere. He knows that he saw her evading some pretty heavy fire, and he's really hoping she didn't get shot down. After all, she's the only one who knows where the hell they are and where the hell they're going.

Jason's searching around frantically looking for any sign of Talia, and he's about two seconds away from screaming her name when he hears some rustling in a tree somewhere towards his left. He takes off in that direction, only to find Talia's 'chute completely tangled in a tree. He can't even see her, but he can hear some pretty feral sounding Arabic cussing. He's just about to start climbing the tree to help her out when he sees a large blade slicing through the parachute. The blade disappears before cutting through a completely different portion of the 'chute, and then suddenly Talia is flipping out of a hole that she made, and landing right in front of him.

She brushes her hair out of her face, and then heads off in the opposite direction towards Dick. “We've got quite a far walk ahead of us, thanks to my father's idiotic minions.”

Jason nearly stumbles at that piece of information, and has to almost physically stop himself from punching Talia in the face. “What the hell are you talking about? I thought Ra's was dead.”

Talia huff's out a breath and continues walking straight past Dick. “He is. Unfortunately, my father still has a quite a few abhorrently bothersome followers who detest my commands.”

Jason glares at her back and growls. “Great, so we're in the middle of your little power struggle. How nice of you to tell us that before we got into this? Oh, wait, you didn't, and now Tim's dead.”

Talia waves her hand, as if to dismiss his anger. “Timothy will be fine.”

Jason really wants to hit her, but there's no way of knowing how many weapons she has on her, and he knows that he has to keep his temper under control--at least until they get Tim to the pit. That, however, doesn't mean that he can't yell, and Jason likes yelling...a lot. “He will not be okay. The pit does not magically make everything better. Hell, half the time, I'm sure it just fucks everything up. He's going to be hurt and crazy, and dear fucking god I don't even know if we should be doing this.” Jason honestly hadn't meant to say all of that, but there's nothing that he can do about it now.

He slowly turns to face Dick, knowing that whatever he's about to see in the other man's eyes is just going to infuriate and hurt him more, but such is just Jason's luck. He has accepted that. Dick isn't even looking at Jason. He's just staring down at Tim's unmoving body, his expression tired and lost. He's clutching onto his dead little brother as though it's the only lifeline that Dick has left, and Jason can't do a thing about it. The only thing that he's capable of right now is putting one foot in front of the other and continue moving, because that's the only way any of this is going to get any better. “Come on, Talia said we've got a long way to go.”

He's honestly not even sure if Dick is still following him, but it doesn't really matter. They're here now, and they have no other choice. Jason knows that beyond a doubt, so he just keeps following Talia. They have to get Tim to the pit no matter what. They owe it to him...Jason owes it to him...that and so much more.

The End (for now)