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Fic: A Displaced Red Robin Chapter 10

Title: A Displaced Red Robin
Author: Brokaw22
Disclaimer: The norms
Rating: T
Story Synopsis: Tim gets transported to the cartoon Young Justice world, and he's not sure he knows how to deal with it.
Thanks to Kathy for beta work.

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Tim is once again sitting in the library with about three different books opened to various pages lying out in front of him, but this time he’s not focused on a single one of them. Instead, he’s staring at the little toy soldier he got from Jason over a week ago, which is sitting on top of his notebook, while he fiddles with his comm. He hasn’t heard a single peep from the communicator that he gave Jason, and Tim honestly isn’t sure if that means that there hasn’t been any trouble or if that means Jason tossed the thing out of defiance. He really wouldn’t put it past the kid.

Tim sighs to himself as he tucks the tiny plastic figure back into the pocket of his belt where he’s taken to carrying it around, and considers checking up on the kid. He technically could if he wanted to. Since the night he helped out with the Arkham escapees, Tim has permission to come and go as he pleases. He hasn’t taken advantage of that privilege, however. He doesn’t see a reason to. After all, it’s not as though there’s anywhere for him to be or anything for him to do. He figures his time is better spent here trying to find a way home. Tim still hasn’t figured out who he’s going to transfer the Jason issue to once he finds a way back, but he’ll work on that later. Right now, he has to pack up his things and meet the team for another training session. It’s something else to focus on, and Tim is grateful for it.

When he walks into the training room, Tim is pleased to see the whole team ready to go. He glances toward Kaldur, who seems to have gathered the whole team around him. Tim’s not sure what they’re discussing, but it’s good to see Kaldur looking confident in his role as leader. He’s not really in any rush to get this training session started. After all, none of them have anything planned for today, and the longer Tim spends with them here, the less time he’ll spend in the library obsessing over trying to find a way to send himself home.

It’s not long, however, before Kaldur notices him leaning against the door. “You could have interrupted. We were merely discussing what movie we should watch tonight and how to convince you to join.”

Tim smiles at Kaldur’s honesty, while the rest of the group looks mildly annoyed with him. “I don’t actually have anything planned for this evening, so as long as you guys don’t let Wally pick the movie, I’m game.”

The whole team readily agrees with the exception of Wally, who definitely appears to be affronted by the conditions. “Hey, what’s wrong with my movie picks?”

Tim stares at him impassively. “There are only so many times I can handle watching Spaceballs.”

Wally petulantly folds his arms over his chest. “Spaceballs is a great movie.”

Tim nods. “Yeah, it is, but only the first twenty times.”

Robin grins brightly up at Tim from his seat on the floor, and Tim wonders if it says something about how long he’s been here that he barely compares him to his own Dick Grayson. “It’s okay. It’s Superboy’s turn to pick anyway.”

Wally sulks even further with that news. “Great, more nature documentaries.”

Superboy shakes his head. “Nah, the last one had monkeys in it. I’ve moved on to astronomy documentaries.”

Wally rolls his eyes. “Oh, that’s even better. Tell me it’s at least narrated by someone interesting.”

Superboy just shrugs, looking like he doesn’t understand what Wally means by ‘someone interesting’, and that’s when Tim decides to take over this conversation before a fight can break out. “I actually like documentaries. I look forward to whatever you pick, Superboy, but right now we should get to work.”

Robin jumps to his feet and rubs his hands together. “Alright, what do you have in store for us today?” He seems genuinely excited, which is always refreshing to see, especially when compared to the rest of the team’s groan.

Tim can’t help but laugh at Dick’s enthusiasm. It’s so much like his big brother, and yet so different, that Tim often has to remind himself that this isn’t some crazy de-aging spell and he can’t just blurt out ‘are you ever going to grow up?’ because this Dick Grayson is, in fact, thirteen. “Okay, we’re going to be working on team building, which means each one of you will be limited in some capacity. Also, some of you have been working on different things with me individually, and today I’d like to see you guys use those things together.”

They all glance at each other uncertainly for a long moment before M’gann smiles reassuringly at the team. “We can do this, guys. I’m sure it’ll be great.”

The others don’t seem convinced in the slightest, but no one says anything negative, so Tim counts it as a win. He claps his hands together once to get their attention. “Kaldur, for today’s exercise, you’ll only be allowed to use your bo staff...no other weapons or magic.” Kaludr nods and goes to retrieve his practice staff. Tim turns his attention to the rest of them. “Robin, you’re prohibited from using your right arm and projectile weapons. Wally, your left leg is out of commission from this moment on. M’gann, you won’t be allowed to fly or use any form of telepathy or shape shifting. And finally, Superboy, for today you can’t leap anything higher than Robin and you’ll be caring around this,” Tim holds out an egg, “in your left hand.” He then turns to address all of them. “You’ll be running through the obstacle course I set up earlier. If the egg is damaged or anyone breaks the perimeters that I have set out, you all will start back at the beginning of the course. The training session ends when all of you make it to the end of the course together.”

Superboy stares down at the egg in his hand with a nervous expression. “You hate me, don’t you?”

Tim pats him on the shoulder awkwardly. “You’ll be okay. You’ve been doing really well in our sessions.”

Superboy doesn’t look reassured in the least. “I still pulverize fruit.”

Tim shrugs. “Only when you’re really frustrated. Trust me, it’ll be fine.”

Superboy sighs before glaring down at the egg lying in his palm. He scowls at it the entire way to the start of the course. Once Kaldur comes back with his staff in hand, he turns toward Tim. “When would you like us to start?”

Tim shakes his head and raises both of his hands, pushing them away from himself. “They’re your team. You instruct them when to start and how to move. I’m just here to give suggestions.”

Kaldur wearily glances at the course before turning back towards his team. Tim has to admit that he’s a little proud of this particular training exercise, specifically this course. He set it up with both offensive and defensive obstacles for every member, and he’s particularly fond of the sandbags ready to take out anyone who doesn’t watch their step after the climbing wall and tire barrier. It won’t be easy for them to get through this course, especially if they don’t work together to do so. Tim sits down and watches as Kaldur starts giving out orders. The tactic is a good one and if everyone does what he says they’ll make it a third of the way through the course before Kaldur will have to change his plan of attack.

Tim doesn’t foresee them getting that far, though, especially when Dick forgets to give M’gann a heads up when he crosses over the high beam and the two go careening into each other. They both hit the mats below hard, but neither one of them breaks the rules, so Tim stays silent as he watches them try to figure out how to get back up onto the beam. It’s too high for M’gann to just jump up, and, while Dick could easily flip back onto it, without the use of his arm he can’t pull M’gann up. Tim is two seconds away from reminding Dick to communicate with his teammates when Kaldur does it for him. It pleases Tim immeasurably to see them reminding each other of such things.

Kaldur directs Superboy to go help M’gann, which frees up Robin to flip back onto the beam and make his way over to Wally, who Superboy was helping to get across the hanging net over the pool of water. That’s another aspect of this exercise that Tim’s quite pleased with himself for…mainly because of how much time it took to set that particular obstacle up. After all, cutting the various gaps into the net was a tedious process. He considers mentioning something about those gaps to Robin and Wally, but he figures it’s a little too late for that when Wally’s left leg falls through one of the gaps, and in the struggle to remove his leg twists the net so that both Dick and he fall into the water below.

They both get to their feet immediately, allowing the water to run off of them in rivulets, before glaring up at Tim. “Did you seriously put glitter in the water?” Wally’s face is an angry red, while Dick is quietly laughing.

Tim merely shrugs. “I thought it would be a nice incentive to keep you guys focused.”

Wally huffs as he hops on his right foot, to keep from breaking the restrictions. “I swear you’re absolutely sadistic.”

Tim smiles sweetly, which seems to only enrage Wally further. “I do try. Now, I suggest you two find some way to get back up onto the net without using your leg or arm.”

Both of them groan and start looking around for the easiest way to get back up. Robin turns around a few times before turning an irritated glare onto Tim. “You know, when you said you wanted us to work on team building I honestly didn’t expect something so…involved.”

Tim smirks evilly at him. “Sorry, Rob, but I was taught to expect the unexpected and work around all normal limitations.”

Dick grins back before making a run for the nearest pole that’s holding up the net, jumping and using his one arm to shimmy his way back up to the net. He leaps up to the underside of the net, latching on with his left hand, and swings his legs back and forth until he has enough momentum to propel himself up over the side of the net, so that he’s topside. Dick climbs over to where Wally is standing underneath the net and glances down to him. “Do you think you can hop over to that pole and shimmy your way up to the net? I can probably help you up from there.”

Wally peers over at the pole in question before turning his gaze back to Dick. “You’re joking, right? I spend my time running…not lifting weights. I don’t have that kind of upper body strength, and certainly not without the stability of being able to wrap both legs around the pole.”

Dick huffs out a breath of annoyance. “Well, then maybe you should work with Red Robin on that.”

Tim can’t stop himself from barking out a short laugh, and Wally whips around to glare at him. “You’re enjoying this far too much over there.”

Tim just shrugs. “What can I say? It’s amusing.” He ignores whatever comeback Wally comes up with in favor of checking out how the others are faring. Superboy, M’gann, and Kaldur seem to be doing well with the undulating ropes. Kaldur is carrying Superboy, who can’t swing from rope to rope and hold the egg at the same time, and they all seem to be making good progress. At least, that is until M’gann’s hand slips. She lets out a scream, which causes Superboy to reflexively clench his hand shut, thus smashing the egg and getting it all over himself as well as Kaldur, and without thinking M’gann saved herself from the fall by hovering in the air. Tim whistles loudly to gain everyone’s attention. “Superboy crushed the egg and M’gann broke the no flying rule. Everyone move back to the beginning of the course.”

There are simultaneously five very distinctive moans as they all make their way back to the other side of the room. Tim hands Kaldur and Superboy a towel to wipe themselves off with, before giving Superboy another egg. Tim expected there to be a lot of eggs lost in this endeavor and made sure to bring a couple dozen. He just hopes that it’s enough. Superboy holds the egg as delicately as possible while he stares at it like it’s going to explode at the slightest touch. Tim pats him on the shoulder. “You got pretty far before M’gann’s scream startled you.”

“Yeah, I guess.” Superboy is still staring at the egg like it’s the bane of his existence.

Tim gives him a sympathetic grin before gesturing to Kaldur to instruct his team. Kaldur squares his shoulders and takes a deep breath before addressing each member. “Robin and Kid, try to stay away from the net…with both of you down a limb you won’t be able to get across without causing the other to fall. M’gann, remember to just let yourself fall.”

M’gann nods before rolling her shoulders. “Right, sorry about that.”

Kaldur puts his hand on her shoulder and squeezes once before letting go. “It’s alright. I know it’s just instinct, but try your best.”

She gives him a small shy smile. “I will, promise.”

Kaldur faces Superboy next. “You did fairly well, but remember to keep the egg safe, no matter what.”

Superboy huffs out a breath. “Easier said than done.”

Kaldur glances back over to Tim, who has resumed lounging by the door, and then gives the signal for everyone to move. They don’t even make it to the third obstacle before Wally forgets what he’s doing and uses both legs. Tim calls them all back to the start, and settles into his position by the door. He knows that this is going to be a long training session, and he doesn’t expect them to progress very far for at least another four or five tries. After all, they haven’t even gotten to the obstacles that will require them to dodge and defend themselves while they make their way today the end of the course. However, they are doing exceedingly well considering all of the restraints he’s given them.

On the next try, Kaldur misses an opportunity to use his bo staff, which is collapsed and in the holster on his leg, to block a wayward Robin, who’s overzealousness on the high beam causes him to careen into Superboy, thus breaking the egg once again. Tim once again whistles to call them all back to the beginning. They set up to go again, and Tim can see how this exercise is starting to grate on all of their nerves, but he knows it’s a necessary evil, so as he passes Superboy another egg and ignores all of their grumbling.

This time around M’gann is in charge of getting Wally across the obstacles that he can’t hop his way through, which seems to be working well for them. She doesn’t have the strength to just carry him like Superboy or Kaldur, but Wally is a speedster and as such isn’t extremely heavy, all things considered, so him leaning on her isn’t the greatest hindrance that they have to deal with. However, Dick seems to keep forgetting that not everyone was raised in a circus, and therefore the rest of the members of the team really can’t just twist midair to land on impossibly high objects. He keeps leaving at least one member stranded, which Tim can tell is going to be their downfall this time.

It isn’t long before Tim’s hypothesis is proven correct. In fact, the third time that he leaps over something, expecting the person behind him to simply follow suit, it’s Kaldur, who ends up stranded in the middle of the sandbag obstacle. He takes a hit that knocks him off of the tire he’s standing on, and without a second’s hesitation Kaldur uses his bo staff to keep himself from falling all the way to the floor, which Tim is actually pretty impressed with, but the moment is shattered when another sandbag slams into the bo staff, and Kaldur immediately uses his hydrokinesis to save himself. Tim whistles again, and the others head back to the start once again.

Kaldur stares at his team forlornly. “I apologize. It was a natural reaction.”

M’gann nudges him with her elbow. “It happens.”

Robin rubs the back of his head sheepishly. “Actually, I think that round was my fault. I keep forgetting that you guys aren’t able to just flip over stuff like me.”

Tim grins at Dick realizing his own mistake. They are all getting better, whether they know it or not, and he’s just about to tell them so when his communicator goes off. The entire team turns toward the sound of the small, unfamiliar beep, but Tim merely holds up a hand to signal for them to stay put. “Red Robin here.”

The voice on the other end is young and unsure. “Um, you said to call if there was trouble, and I doubt you can help, but…you said to call, so this is me calling.”

Tim is honestly shocked that Jason’s contacting him, but he keeps his voice even as he responds. “Where are you?”

Jason pauses for a moment, and Tim is two seconds away from demanding an answer when the kid squeaks out. “Home…I’m home.”

Tim wants to sigh in relief, but instead he simply does a mental check of his equipment. He’s just happy that he always trains with the team in full uniform. “I’m on my way.” He cuts the connection before turning back toward the team. “I’m needed elsewhere.” Tim doesn’t bother to answer any of their questions before making his way to the Zeta-Tubes. He just hopes that Jason hasn’t gotten himself in over his head or anything.

The End (for now)


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Apr. 1st, 2013 08:16 am (UTC)
Yay! Another chapter of one of my favorite fics!

*hugs you* Thanks so much for not forgetting about it! And eee, I love how detailed your team-bonding exercises are written. I know how much trouble it is to balance that many characters...

Excellent, the Jason-subplot is a-go! Will we be seeing Red Robin dealing with a family domestic in the near future, or did Batman finally go to see where Red Robin's tracer routes took him that night back in Gotham?

Your cliff-hangers always leave me asking questions!
Apr. 1st, 2013 11:21 pm (UTC)
Thank you! I'm glad that you like it so far. Yeah, I've been slowly working on updating everything. It can be a little crazy writing so many characters, but I enjoy it. I guess you'll just have to wait and see.
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