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Title: A Displaced Red Robin
Author: Brokaw22
Disclaimer: The norms
Rating: T
Story Synopsis: Tim gets transported to the cartoon Young Justice world, and he's not sure he knows how to deal with it.
Thanks to Kathy for beta work.
Note: Since LJ is being weird, I had to split certain chapters into two parts.

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Tim’s poring over all of the information he’s found on the various people of this world who could possibly help him with his Jason-sized problem; and the surprising lack of certain people from his world is driving him crazy. He’s pretty much decided that there really is only one option, but Tim has no idea how to gain an audience with that person without the entire Justice League discovering what he’s doing. Tim sighs heavily as he clutches at his head. He didn’t think this was going to be easy, but he’s beyond frustrated with how difficult it’s turning out to be.

He still has his head in his hands when Tim feels a small, but firm, hand on his shoulder. “You okay?”

Tim glances up to see Dick sitting next to him with a cup of coffee in his other hand. He tries to ignore the way his heart aches at how similar the concern on this Dick’s face is to his own Dick back home. “Let’s put it this way. That better be for me.”

Dick smiles brightly as he hands over the cup. “Robin always knows when the boss needs a pick-me-up.” Tim considers growling at Dick to not call him that, but, knowing Dick, he’d just do it more -- so Tim downs as much caffeine as he can in one large gulp, before Dick decides to annoy him some more. The moment he puts the cup down, Dick nudges him with an elbow. “So, come up with anything yet?”

Tim’s tempted to pick up the cup again, just to give his hands something to hold, but he ignores the impulse in favor of merely nodding his head. “Yeah, I think I’ve come up with a feasible idea, but we might need Superboy’s help.”

Dick’s eyes widen at the mention of Superboy. “Why would we need him? He hasn’t even been out of his pod for a whole year. How could he possibly help with this? Unless you think his issues with Superman ignoring him is going to somehow help Jason with his problems with authority.”

Tim can’t help but laugh at the idea, and then cringes when he really considers those two spending time together. “No, in fact, just imaging the type of trouble those two would get into together is giving me a headache. However, I might need to have a chat with Superman, and Superboy just might be able to make that happen.”

Dick scoffs as he folds his arms over his chest. He looks as though he’s reconsidering Tim’s intellect -- which is a very interesting expression on the younger boy’s face, especially since Tim doesn’t think he’s ever had the displeasure of witnessing it on his own Dick’s face. “Yeah, right. In the time that you’ve been here, you’ve spent more time with Batman than Superboy has spent time with Superman since he showed up, so I doubt it. You’d have a better chance of meeting with Superman if you asked Black Canary to call him for you.”

Tim hums in thought for a long moment. He hadn’t really considered going through the resident den mother for any help with this. The longer he thinks about it, however, the more Tim realizes there’s no way she wouldn’t try to figure out exactly what he’s up to and inevitably relay everything back to Batman. She still sees him as one of the kids. Besides, the last thing Tim wants to do is distract her from her mission of helping Roy, which is something else that he should look into when he actually has time. He hasn’t actually seen or spoken to Roy in awhile. Tim shakes his head in an attempt to refocus. “No, it probably wouldn’t be a good idea to draw her attention to any of this.”

Dick stares at him for a long moment, seemingly unconvinced, but lets it go. “Okay, so what do we do then?”

Tim’s still thinking about Black Canary and Roy when it suddenly hits him that they could technically involve her without anyone actually knowing that’s what he’s doing. He smirks when he realizes that this might not be as difficult as he originally thought. Besides, it’s not as though the current situation between Superboy and Superman should continue the way it has…for all of their sakes. “Well, we should still move Jason to a safe house, like I planned, but…”

Dick holds up a hand to stop him and Tim falls silent. He’s used to his own Dick just interrupting, without the hand gestures, and he’s not really sure why this Dick feels the need to add them. Perhaps, it has something to do with his size. Tim’s not entirely sure his own Dick Grayson was ever so scrawny, despite the fact that he has the photographic evidence. “I still don’t understand how you think you’re going to be able to set up a safe house that B doesn’t know about in the city.”

Tim’s smirk only widens at Dick’s skepticism. After all, surpassing people’s expectations has always been one of Tim’s favorite past times. “I once hid the cost of having an entire Batmobile shipped across country in the batarang budget. Setting up safe houses no one knows about is far easier, trust me. The hardest part will actually be convincing Jason to stay put while we finalize everything else.”

Dick still doesn’t look convinced, but Tim doesn’t mind. It’s not as though this is the first time he’s had to convince someone of his abilities. “How exactly are we going to convince Jason to stay put?”

Tim pauses at that inquiry, because it’s one of the many that he doesn’t actually have an answer to. Tim knows for certain that Jason probably won’t be willing to just sit around while they figure things out. In fact, Tim is already working on the best way to put a tracer on the kid, knowing full well that Jason will roam as he sees fit. He just hopes that he can keep the kid off of everyone’s radar until he’s got a feasible way to get him out of Gotham. Tim knows it really is the only way to ensure Jason’s safety. He just has a lot of work to do before he can get to that point. Tim sighs heavily as he downs what’s left of his coffee. “By being as honest as we can with him.”

Dick nods in approval and Tim does his best not to groan. He’s fairly certain Dick still doesn’t understand what they’ve gotten themselves into, but that will all have to come later, because right now, they’re both going to be late for another training session. Tim clears his throat as he motions for the two of them to head to the training room. “We’re going to be late, if we don’t hurry.”

Dick laughs as he flips out of the door and into the hallway. “Chill, your room isn’t even that far away from the training room.”

Tim rolls his eyes, but he can’t keep the smile off of his face as Dick somersaults down the hallway. Some things never change…no matter what Earth he’s on. “I still need to reset all of the obstacles, since our last training session got cut short.”

Dick immediately flips around and glares at him. “Wait, you’re going to make us do that again?”

Tim smiles evilly at Dick’s tone. “It’s an effective training exercise and you guys really need the teambuilding training. Not to mention, even though Kaldur insisted the rest of the team continue training after I left and you followed, none of the team made it through the obstacle course.”

Dick groans as they both walk into the room and find an unexpected sight. Sitting on the mat closest to the door is Red Arrow, looking as relaxed as could be. Tim raises an eyebrow at his sudden appearance. From the expression on Robin’s face, he hadn’t known the other teen was here either. “What’s up?” Tim’s not really sure why Roy is just sitting in the training room, but he figures that’s a safe start to any and every conversation.

Roy shrugs as he gets to his feet. “Not much. Black Canary told me you guys were having a training session today. She said that I should come by and check it out, and something about spending time with you guys being good for me or some other such nonsense.”

Tim can’t help but smile. He’s glad that Black Canary took him seriously and seems to be looking out for Roy now. Maybe now that he has someone who pays a bit closer attention to him, Roy will be able to avoid some of the less than favorable stuff his counterpart got involved in back home. Dick, for his part, seems delighted that Roy is here. “She’s right, you know.” Dick nudges Roy with an elbow. “So, are you going to join in on our little obstacle course?”

Roy starts to shake his head no, but Tim puts a hand on his shoulder, hoping that it’ll make him reconsider. “There’s always room for one more, and they might actually reach the end of the obstacle course with your help.”

Roy gives him a once over before folding his arms over his chest. “It can’t be that bad.”

Robin groans as he clasps a hand on Roy’s other shoulder. “It so is. Batman’s obstacle courses are hard. Red Robin’s are hard and evil. There are eggs involved.”

At Roy’s raised eyebrow, Tim can’t help but laugh. “To be fair, only Superboy has to hold an egg.”

None of them get a chance to respond before there’s the sound of a growl behind them. Tim turns to see Superboy, Kaldur, Kid Flash, and M’gann standing in the doorway. Superboy looks extremely annoyed at the prospect of their training session. “You’re going to make me try the egg thing again, aren’t you?” At Tim’s nod, Superboy glares. “You really do hate me.”

Tim does his best not to laugh outright at Superboy’s expression, but it takes nearly all of his self-control. He clears his throat as he starts setting everything up. “You’ll do fine.”

Superboy rolls his eyes as he moves out of Tim’s way. “That’s what you said last time.”

Tim shrugs as he motions for Robin to help him get everything ready. “You didn’t even break a full dozen. That’s pretty impressive.”

Superboy sighs heavily as he and the others start helping Tim move the mats around. “Only because our training session got cut short.”

Tim shakes his head before turning his attention back to Roy. “So, what do you say, Red Arrow? Are you going to join the obstacle course?”

Roy shrugs as he starts to stretch. “Sure, how bad can it be?”

“Bad.” Everyone says simultaneously as Superboy drops the mat he was moving rather forcefully, but neither the floor nor the mat are much worse for wear, so Tim takes it as a win.

He snickers at the look on Red Arrow’s face and just shrugs innocently. “Guess you’ll just have to join and find out.”

Roy’s eyes narrow, but he nods his head in agreement. “Fine, let’s see how bad this really is.”

Two hours later, Roy flops onto the mat beside Tim and just glares up at him. “You’re evil and sadistic, and I refuse to believe that you were trained by a Batman…unless your Batman is equally sadistic.”

Tim merely folds his arms over his chest and smirks. “In all fairness, the others did warn you.”

Roy shakes his head, sweat dripping onto the mat underneath him. “No, ‘it’s bad’ is not a proper warning for whatever that was.”

Tim raises an eyebrow, but still can’t keep the smirk off of his face. “And what would have been a proper warning?”

Roy sits up and calls out in a faux terrified voice. “Red Arrow, don’t! You’ll hate yourself and everyone around you. When we’re done, even your teeth will hurt. Walk away now! Go! Leave us! Save yourself!”

Tim snickers as Roy flops back down onto the mat. “Well, next time I’ll make sure you’re given the necessary warnings.” Tim holds out a hand to Roy. “Come on, I think Kid Flash could use a snack break.”

Roy grabs a hold of his hand and in an instant Kid Flash is beside him. “You serious? ‘Cause, once I’m gone, I’m not coming back until our next session.”

Tim nods and Wally is gone before Tim even manages to pull Roy to his feet. “Alright you four! That’s enough for today. Come on!”

Superboy, M’gann, Robin, and Kaldur don’t need to be told twice. All four of them abandon the obstacle course and dash out of the training room. Tim chuckles to himself as he listens to them hollering the whole way to the kitchen. He turns back towards Roy and gestures for him to follow the others. “You should go with them. I’m just going to clean up in here.”

Roy winces at a particularly loud whoop from Kid Flash and shakes his head. “If it’s all the same to you, I’d rather not.”

Tim shrugs as he moves to dismantle some of the obstacles and replace the mats. “Suit yourself.” He’s about to use his staff to knock down a batarang Robin got stuck in the side of one of the sandbags earlier when Roy grabs it for him instead. “Thanks, but you don’t have to help me.”

Roy shakes his head as he hands over the batarang. “I don’t mind, but if you don’t want my help...” He lets the sentence trail off, and Tim’s feels like a moron for accidently implying that he didn’t want Roy’s company.

He lays a hand on Roy’s arm and squeezes reassuringly. “No, no, by all means. I appreciate the help. I just didn’t want you to feel obligated to help me out.”

Roy stares at him for a long moment, evidently looking for the lie. Tim lets him take his time. After all, Tim tells a lot of lies…this just doesn’t happen to be one. It’s a long moment before Roy nods his head, and then the two of them get back to putting the training area back to the way it should be.

Tim isn’t exactly sure why Roy decided to spend his afternoon helping him out instead of hanging out with the rest of the team, but he figures that this Roy just isn’t used to hanging around a bunch of hyper teenagers. Although, Tim thinks it might be good for him to do just that. Still, he doesn’t always have the fortitude to deal with it himself and, for the time being, he’s living here, so Tim thinks he understands, at least mildly. He’s in the middle of dragging the mats back over when Roy’s voice breaks through his thoughts. “I guess I should thank you.”

Tim stops to raise an eyebrow at him. “Thank me? For what?”

Roy fidgets for a few moments, and this is the most hesitant Tim has ever seen this Roy. Hell, he’s fairly certain this is the most hesitant Tim has ever seen any Roy Harper, and he really doesn’t like it. “For letting me join your training exercise, even if it was hell, but mostly for sending Black Canary my way. I…I really needed it.”

Tim smiles as he nervously rubs the back of his head. “Well, you’re welcome to join all hell sessions whenever you want. And, as far as Black Canary goes, all I did was suggest that you could use someone who was undoubtedly on your side, you know?”

Roy nods as they finish putting everything away. “Well, whatever you did, I’m grateful.”

Tim smirks as an idea forms in his head. This might just be a great way to facilitate a stronger bond between Roy and the team. “How grateful?”

Roy raises an eyebrow and backs away from him slowly. “What do you have in mind?”

“I was thinking that Superboy is almost ready for the next stage of his training.”

Roy’s expression grows curious, but he’s still keeping his distance from Tim. “And what does that entail?”

Tim’s smirk only grows more mischievous, knowing that Roy will probably enjoy it as much as Superboy is going to hate it. “Catching projectiles without crushing them.”

Roy’s eyes widen in suddenly realization. “You want me to shoot arrows at Superboy and you want him to catch them without breaking them, don’t you?”

Tim’s eyes light up at the sheer thought of it. It’s a great way to incorporate Roy into their training without making him feel overwhelmed or like he’s being forced onto the team. It’s perfect, really. “If you’re willing to help out, then yes, that’s exactly what I’d like to do.”

Roy runs a hand through his hair as he thinks it over. “Man, he’s going to hate both of us and I’m going to go through so many arrows, but sure, I’ll help out.”

Tim laughs as he motions for Roy to follow him out of the room. “Let’s go give him the good news, then.”

Roy shakes his head as he follows Tim. “You really do have a sadistic streak. Remind me to stay on your good side.”

Tim chuckles as he nudges Roy in the side. “What makes you think I have a good side?”

Roy rolls his eyes as the two of them make their way towards the kitchen. “You’ve done nothing but work yourself to the bone trying to help everyone since you got here.”

Tim shrugs as he starts making some coffee for the both of them. “It’s what I do.”

“I know. That’s why I’m worried.”

Tim nearly drops the coffee can he’s holding on his foot before turning to stare at Red Arrow in utter disbelief. “What?”

Roy sighs heavily as he practically shoves a sandwich into Tim’s mouth. “Black Canary said all you do is train the team; help out where you can, and try to find a way back home. She said that you’ve been spending a lot of time with Robin for the last couple of days, but even though you have the access codes to get in and out of the HQ now, and the permission to use it, you don’t take advantage of it very often. She’s worried that you’re not adjusting to life here well even though it’s been…what? A month and a half since you first arrived? And after seeing you today, I’m worried too.”

Tim stares at the sandwich that Roy had nearly shoved down his throat and sighs. “I’m adjusting as well as can be expected, I suppose. It’s not as though Batman or anyone else has informed me of how they intend to send me home…if they intend to send me home. I don’t have a place here…not really, and I’m just trying to do what I can. It’s all I can do, after all.”

Roy looks at him as though Tim is a particularly fragile animal, which is just irritating, given how young this Roy really is. “You could go out and make friends…you know, ones that don’t wear a mask.”

Tim shakes his head. That type of stress is the last thing that Tim wants or needs right now. Besides, making friends outside of the masks never worked out very well for him back home, so Tim somehow doubts that it will be any different here. “There’s too high of a risk of there being a me on this world and my running into people who would recognize him -- or, at the very least -- know his name. And, while things are different on this Earth, and I could certainly go by a fake name, there’s too much risk and not enough pay off for me to even bother.”

“And what if you can’t get back home? What are you going to do? Spend your whole life in this HQ?”

Tim clutches his head and tries to stop the building tension headache before it can really start. It doesn’t work. He doesn’t know why this Roy Harper seems so hell-bent on pushing him on this subject, but this is the second time they’ve argued about it. Then it hits him that this is probably Roy’s way of trying to protect him from the worst. He stares at Roy for a long moment, almost afraid to ask the question that’s been secretly hiding in the back of his mind since he first arrived here. “Black Canary confides in you. Did she say something about the attempt to return me to my own world? Did she tell you that it isn’t possible and they just haven’t seen a reason to break the news to me yet?”

Roy’s eyes widen at the accusation as he frantically shakes his head. “No, no, she hasn’t mentioned it. I don’t know anything about it. I just…I don’t think you should keep yourself locked away in here. I don’t think it’s good for you.”

Tim slumps against the counter and sighs heavily. He’s not sure if that means there’s still hope or not, but he has too much going on right now to worry about it. “Well, you’ll be happy to know that I should be getting out more soon. I’ve been working on something with Robin that’ll keep me pretty busy.”

Roy shakes his head as he takes a large bite out of his own sandwich. “When I said you need to get out more, I didn’t mean by doing more work.”

Tim shrugs as he hands Roy a cup of coffee. “It’s what I do. It’s what I’m good at. I don’t think anyone could stop me from working…not really -- though you’re welcome to try.”

Roy shakes his head again. “No way, I know when I’m beat.”

Tim smiles as he finishes the sandwich Roy made for him, and then grabs his own cup of coffee before heading towards the door. “If you’ll excuse me, I need to go see Black Canary.”

Roy raises an eyebrow at him. “You’re not going to go give her a hard time for telling me stuff about you, are you?”

Tim huffs out a breath of a laugh at the idea. He honestly hadn’t even thought of it. He just needs to start putting other plans into motion. “No, no, I’ve actually been meaning to talk to her all day.”

Roy’s eyes narrow at that information as he follows Tim out of the kitchen. “Funny, she said that you don’t normally seek her out. In fact, she’s only had a couple of conversations with you and most of them have been about training the team or Batman.”

Tim shrugs, unsure of why that fact evidently bothers Red Arrow. “Why would I seek her out normally? I’m not a member of this team. She might be their den mother, but she’s not mine. I appreciate that she seems to care about me the same way that she does for them, but, I assure you, I’m no child.”

“You’re not alone, either.”